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My new book Say No To Arthritis: How to prevent, relieve and resolve joint and muscle pain is out 8th October 2021,

Contrary to popular belief it is possible to prevent arthritis or greatly reduce the pain and inflammation it causes…if you eat the right foods and supplement your diet with certain herbs and nutrients.

In this fully revised and updated version of Patrick Holford's classic book on the subject, he shares the latest findings from scientific studies, showing that we can do much without resorting to medication, with its unwelcome side-effects.

Comprehensive, practical and reassuring, Say No to Arthritis will enable you to devise an effective anti-arthritis action plan that's right for you.

Features include:

  • The most effective natural painkillers
  • How certain fats can fight inflammation
  • Why food intolerances can be a factor
  • The best bone-building nutrients and appropriate supplements
  • Exercising and guidance on tracking your progress

As well as being packed with information to help you understand arthritis and the many factors that influence it, you will also find an anti-arthritis diet and Patrick's top 30 anti-arthritis recipes.

Order Say No to Arthritis.

To book Say No to Arthritis Webinar Part Two:


I will be presenting two webinars to cooincide with the publication of the book. For more details go to my Events page. 


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