Jenny's Story

I'm Jenny, I'm 56 and a Nutritional Therapist from London. I wanted to try the diet for education reasons to see if I would recommend it to my clients. I also wanted to have a health reset (rather than weight-loss) to get out of some bad habits developed during lockdown and to reset my sleep, focus and concentration. 

I found the keto part of the diet manageable, and the food was delicious. The protein was lower than I imagined but not a problem. The recipes are delicious. I felt comfortable on the diet and just had a couple of moments when I felt a bit drained. I wasn’t hungry – I did the diet on the Hybrid Retreat - the lovely relaxing distractions were sufficient for me to not think about hunger. I could have been I think, if I were less distracted. There were snacks as well as meals so there was some kind of eating going on every 2-3 hours so that really helped. The Low GL part of the diet was fine – 100%. 

I feel amazing having done the diet and retreat - really energised. I did a weight class today (3 days from end of retreat) having not done one for a week and was expecting to find it tough, but I had so much energy. I normally have lots of energy say 8/10 but I now feel 10/10. It’s too early to say whether my brain and sleep has been reset.

I don’t think I would do it at home. I already cook for five and wouldn’t want to make special meals. Perhaps in the future when I’m less busy. We had a chef on the retreat and it was a joy to be cooked for. I’m thinking I might try and go again next year! I will be doing the Low GL part of the diet for the next 6 weeks. I’ve been doing Low GL with clients for years.

I would recommend to friends and family for a health reset. 

I would give five tips:

  1. Hybrid Latte – I preferred to have the coffee and almond milk as my morning drink and the other Latte ingredients to eat.
  2. Don’t worry if you don’t like one recipe – just be relaxed about it – it’s fine to chop and change and if you like something repeat it. As long as you stay within the principles and 800 calories you’ll be fine. Also I think it would be ok have the main meal in the evenings and the evening meals at lunchtime, although I didn’t try this.
  3. I preferred to take the Carboslow/Vit C drink mixed into a small amount of water (rather than a bottle) and then drank a glass of water afterwards to make up the fluid requirements.
  4. Do all the supplements recommended as every piece serves a purpose. It’s not a good idea to skip anything.
  5. If you are not in great strength, I would recommend doing this diet in a supportive atmosphere like the Hybrid retreat, rather than on your own.