The Stress Cure - Say NO to Stress and Fatigue Tour (Guernsey)

Event: The Stress Cure - Say NO to Stress and Fatigue Tour (Guernsey)

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The Seminar will give you………

  • Practical tools for resolving stressful situations and patterns developing stress resilience
  • A nutritional plan for good and consistent energy
  • The secret for sleeping well and waking refreshed
  • Ways up from down when you are feeling depressed

What the public say…….

“I was getting very stressed and anxious about running my own business. Since following Patrick’s advice of diet, supplements and active lifestyle choices, my stress level has reduced dramatically”

- John

“I am back in work, feeling my old self again – feeling fantastic. Your approach genuinely saved and transformed my life”

- Fran

“I’ve been trying to feel like this for 25yrs – I’m over the moon”

- Gabrielle

The seminar is supported by The Stress Cure, Patrick’s new book co-authored with Susannah Lawson, a stress expert and HeartMath practitioner.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn the secret to beating stress and fatigue at nationwide seminars March to May 2015.