Say No to Cancer, Say Yes to Life

Event: Say No to Cancer, Say Yes to Life

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As part of this wellness event Patrick will be giving two lectures. The first is Feel Good Factor - how to improve your mood, motivation, reduce anxiety and sleep well.

Do you suffer from low mood, a lack of motivation or depression? Are you gaining weight and losing energy?

If so, this Feel Good Factor seminar will help you transform the way you feel right now.

Discover simple things you can do today to feel better tomorrow. As director of the Brain Bio Centre, the treatment clinic for mental health problems using a nutritional approach, Patrick has identified the ten most common triggers for low mood, low energy and weight gain, and how to find out which might apply to you.

“I’ve been trying to feel like this for 25 years – I’m over the moon!” says Gabrielle, who had suffered from extreme lethargy and mood swings for decades.

“My mood has improved greatly and I wake early every morning, clear headed and without the aid of an alarm clock.” Says Eamon who also lost 7 stone in 7 months without feeling hungry.

The second seminar is Say No to Cancer, Say Yes to Life.

We can all substantially reduce our risk of developing cancer by making changes to our diet and lifestyle - this groundbreaking seminar shows you how.

Cancer is on the increase. One in three people will be diagnosed with the disease at some point in their lives and that figure is predicted to rise to one in two by the year 2020. The single greatest cause of cancer – even greater than smoking – is now known to be the modern diet. The good news is that you can reduce your risk of cancer by more than half.

Discover :

• How to assess your risk of cancer
• Which foods increase your risk and which decrease it
• How to reduce your exposure to cancer-causing chemicals
• Why hormone-related cancers are on the increase
• How nutritional supplements can help you fight back
• A prevention programme and nutritional support for each type of cancer

Based on the latest scientific findings, and packed with lots of practical guidance, this invaluable seminar offers advice for people who want to prevent cancer, sufferers seeking nutritional advice to help them fight the disease and those wishing to prevent recurrence.