Say No to Arthritis: Part Two - Building Joints & Bones

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arthritis part 2

In these webinars I present a clear and compelling argument that arthritis and associated conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system can be prevented – or the pain and inflammation greatly reduced – if you eat the right foods and supplement your diet with specific nutrients. These strategies are at the heart of these webinars.

Part 2: Bones & Joints

The ability to keep your bones strong depends to a large extent on how your body makes use of the calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, all of which are incorporated into bone.
In Part 2 of my Say No to Arthritis webinar, I provide advice on:

  • rebuilding your joints
  • bone building nutrients
  • improving bone density for those with osteoporosis
  •  Q&A (15 mins)

Live viewers will be able to participate in a 15 minute Live Q&A.

My new book Say No to Arthritis (Piatkus) will be out on 8 October.

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Find out more about the new book on the Say No to Arthritis pages of this website.