Rapid Assessment of Clients' Health and Resilience: A New Approach

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  • is for: Practitioners
  • is with: Patrick Holford
  • spans: 1 day
  • provides: ION CPD 6 hours
  • has a discount: Use discount code IONSC_PH15OFF at the checkout to get 15% off. Offer expires end of 29th January 2020.

A wider concept than Functional Medicine, Integral Medicine™ encapsulates the fact that we are physical, chemical, psychological and spiritual beings and that mental and physical health depends on each of these realms being in harmony.

This one-day training will give you a deeper understanding of the ‘chemical’ part of Integral Medicine and the seven fundamental biochemical processes that, if out of balance, lead to disease. It presents a systems- based model developed from data from over 100,000 people which is similar to but simpler than the Functional Medicine model and helps practitioners to assess a client’s health issues and resilience quickly and restore health.

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