Irish Tour, Belfast: Disease Proof Your Life - Say No to Heart Disease, Diabetes and Weight Gain, Say No to Cancer.

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Learning these essential prevention secrets helps you to bullet-proof your health and keep you free of disease throughout your life. Those interested in the latest natural approaches to cancer treatment are encouraged to attend the seminar as the same drivers of diabetes, heart disease and weight gain also apply to cancer.

Recent advances in cancer research have identified that most cancers have much less to do with aberrant genes and more to do with the environment, largely influenced by nutrition, that cells live and grow in. Cancer cells are like bad neighbours - but that can be brought in check and encouraged to self-destruct, through very specific nutritional strategies. Also, recent advances means it is possible to identify exactly which natural agents are most effective for an individual with a specific condition.

Find out how to:

• Lose weight and gain energy
• Normalise your blood pressure without drugs
• Keep your heart healthy
• Reverse diabetes (type2) and lower your insulin (type1)
• Dramatically reduce your risk for cancer
• Build an effective natural strategy alongside medical treatment

'Health guru Patrick Holford addresses the true causes of illness. Holford may be regarded as being outside the mainstream, but increasingly his approach is being fostered in conventional medicine.' Guardian

'Patrick Holford is a superb communicator and teacher and his writings and teachings are soundly based on the scientific and medical literature and very much at the forefront of nutritional medicine.' Emeritus Professor David Smith, University of Oxford