Optimum Nutrition for the Mind and Power of Connection Workshops

Event: Optimum Nutrition for the Mind and Power of Connection Workshops

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There are two important things in life. What you put in your body and what you put in your mind. If you could learn the secret of what to put in your body and mind to maximise mental clarity, intuition, positive mood and purposeful motivation in two days would you want to?

Patrick Holford, psychologist and nutritionist, has spent the last 35 years studying and refining exactly that. He is most known, and respected, for unravelling what really works in terms of optimum nutrition for the mind.

And now he has made his brain-tuning secrets available to all in a one-day workshop – Optimum Nutrition for the Mind, on Saturday November 19th in London.

However, that is only half the story. What you put in your mind is the other half, and the topic of an experiential workshop The Power of Connection, on Sunday November 20th in London.

Patrick has been studying, and exploring this territory for the past 35 years, and has finally written about it in his new book The Chemistry of Connection. The Power of Connection workshop teaches proven methods for awakening three centres of awareness – in the body, heart and mind – producing the ultimate unifying experience of a profound connection which clarifies one’s meaning and purpose in life, as well as tapping into a natural source of joy. The workshop also includes a combination of a transformational breathing and sound healing that helps release negative beliefs, fuelled by emotional blocks plus some specific exercises designed to identify negative beliefs that hold you back from a full and open experience of life.

In my experience this approach works far better than medication. It is the future of an enlightened approach to psychiatry.’ says Dr Hyla Cass, psychiatrist and former Associate Professor at UCLA.

'As a psychiatrist, he has made simple the natural alternative to the conventional mainstream approaches to mental illness across the board. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to all concerned with their mental health.’ Says Dr Shauki Mahomed, UK based NHS psychiatrist.