Reclaim the Brain seminar for practitioners

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Part of the HOLFORDirect & Revital 2018 Seminar Series.

Learn how to help your clients improve their mood, memory, mental concentration and to get a good night’s sleep.

Do your clients feel anxious and overwhelmed? Feel like you’ve never had enough sleep? Have mood dips, running on empty? Struggle to stay calm and focussed? ‘Need’ coffee, sugar, nicotine, alcohol and digital connection? If so, their brain has been hijacked. We are living in space-age times with stone-age minds and multi-national companies have learnt how to get you neurochemically addicted to consuming their products.

Patrick Holford explains how to unaddict the brain, regain control, and claim the natural connection. This will help your clients maximise their focus, concentraton and mental clarity, improve mood, sleep well, reduce anxiety bullet-proof their memory to avoid dementia later in life.

All attendees will receive a £10 voucher (on a minimum order of £30) to be used on Patrick Holford products in a Revital store or online.

NOTE: 3 CPD points are available for this seminar and a certificate of attendance will be provided.