Irish Tour, Dublin: Integral Medicine for practitioners

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Beyond functional medicine, Integral Medicine™ provides an integral understanding of who we are as human beings, and why we get mentally and physically sick. We are physical, biochemical, sensual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual beings and traumas, insults and unfulfilled needs in any of these aspects inevitably leads to disease. These aspects of who we are cannot be isolated – they are integral.

Truly understanding Integral Medicine allows you to fully support and meet the needs of your clients to restore health, vitality and happiness. This first introductory training provides an overview of the Integral Medicine model and Part 1 explains the biochemical layer which underlies so much of today’s disease, and how it generates and is generated by mental, emotional and physical disease.


  • Give practitioners a rapid means to identify and treat core underlying imbalances using nutritional therapy
  • Develop simple and effective diet and supplement programmes for specific conditions
  • Build an understanding of health technologies that support other aspects such as integral exercise and chi generation; HeartMath®; emotional healing; purposeful living, earthing and spiritual connection

NTOI and BANT approved CPD 6 hours