The Hybrid Diet for Practitioners & Public

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The conventional calorie-controlled, low fat, high carb diet has failed to stem obesity and diabetes. There is a lot of confusion about what is the best approach. And the recent popularity of ketogenic diets adds to this confusion, as it is not suitable for everyone. So what are the merits or detriments of a ketogenic diet - when it is applicable and for how long? And could alternating between the two be the best approach?

Learn the Science of the benefits of triggering autophagy in a small number of days and achieving weight loss with the Hybrid Diet approach. This course will help you to support your clients with a practical and doable way to achieve a healthy weight and substantially reduce their risk of disease with delicious foods.

What will I learn?

This day aims to give lots of practical ideas and advice. By the end of the course participants will have:

  • A clear understanding of how to deliver a low GL diet
  • A clear understanding on how to deliver a high fat, ketogenic diet
  • Knowledge on all the factors that trigger autophagy
  • Knowledge on the situations in which going ketogenic or triggering autophagy is beneficial
  • Knowledge of the different strategies for switching between glucose and ketone based metabolism
  • A clear understanding on how to monitor glucose and ketones in blood, urine and breath

For Professionals. Public can also attend. 

Provides: ION CPD 5 hours

Price: £130-£150

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