How to Lose Weight Healthily and Reset Your Metabolism

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Being a healthy weight has never been more important than it is now. But losing weight doesn't mean you have to go hungry and it can be easier, tastier and faster than you ever imagined.

In this webinar, Patrick Holford, author of the tried and tested Low GL Diet, will explain what you need to do to lose weight healthily.

He'll also outline the benefits of The 5 Day Diet which can be done intermittently while following the Low GL Diet. This low calorie 'keto' diet triggers a self-repair process, called autophagy, which renews and rejuvenates your cells, reboots your metabolism and detoxifies your body. So far, the most lost is 7.2kg! Many overweight people are losing 5kg in as many days, while losing their craving for sweet foods and alcohol - without experiencing hunger.

Part 1: The Low GL Diet (45 mins)
This diet is a lifestyle rather than a 'diet' and is based on the principle that when you gain control over your blood sugar level you will:

  • Lose weight fast and keep it off
  • Feel full - and full of energy
  • Slow down the ageing process
  • Improve your memory and mood
  • Lower cholesterol without drugs
  • Prevent and reverse diabetes and heart disease
  • Cut your cancer risk
  • Seriously improve your health

Patrick will be explaining how it works and what you need to do to follow it.

Part 2: The Five Day Diet (30 mins)
This diet is for five days - monthly or quarterly - to lose weight, supercharge your energy, rejuvenate your cells, restore full immunity, and transform your health.

You will learn:

  • how the diet works
  • 20 nutrients and diet factors that trigger the body’s own cellular repair process called autophagy
  • how to burn fat fast and reset your metabolism

Q&A (15 mins)

  • live viewers will be able to participate in a 15 minute Live Q&A.

If you are looking for lasting weight-loss results or to improve overall wellbeing, this webinar is a springboard to better health.

Please book your own ticket only and not for people in other households. Unlike live events, each person is emailed a unique code in order to access the webinar.

You will also receive a recording of the webinar after the event, whether you are able to attend at the live time or not.