Five Keys to Connection Marlow

Event: Five Keys to Connection Marlow

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discover the five keys to connection

Are you having a good time, full of ‘joie de vivre’ or are you bored or in discomfort of one sort or another, be it emotional or mental anguish, stress or physical pain? Is life an adventure or an ordeal? Patrick Holford shares deepest wisdoms that help you feel fully alive, awake and connected on all levels so you can live a purposeful life.

In this seminar he will explain how to:

• Be connected on all levels so you can live a purposeful life

• Develop your mind and body connection so you are free of pain

• Enhance your brain’s chemistry for connection

• Generate vital energy and restore your vitality

• Resolve emotional conflicts and enrich relationships

• Improve your mental alertness and intellectual clarity

• Connect to the Earth and the shape and sound of connection

• Open your heart and enjoy the play between male and female energy

• Connect with the five elements that make us and our world

• Explore philosophies that make life worth living


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