End Addiction with Nutrition

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1 in 3 of us is addicted to something - whether it is to caffeine or alcohol, illegal drugs such as cocaine or even over-the-counter medication such as anti-depressants.

Prescriptions for powerful opioid painkillers have doubled from 12m to 24m in the past decade and almost one in 10 British people aged 18 or older is addicted to common stimulant medications, such as Ritalin and types of amphetamines.

At this seminar, leading health and nutrition expert Patrick Holford, will talk through specific, fast and highly effective ways to end addiction using nutrition. Using updated material from his previous book 'How to quit without feeling sh*t', Patrick will bring to life what happens in the brain in addiction and how nutritional approaches and lifestyle changes can enable effective long term recovery and bring the brain back into health