Disease Proof Your Life: Say No to Cancer

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Say no to cancer

Almost all cancer is preventable and many are reversible if you do the right things as early as possible. The fundamental blindspot is that a normal cell can only become a cancer cell if the environment in which it exists has become sufficiently hostile. Changing that environment, of which nutrition plays a major part, is the key to increasing recovery rates, yet it is an often overlooked aspect of approaches to cancer. Many of the same factors that help to increase survival are the same factors that reduce risk.

In this webinar you will learn how to cancer proof your diet and lifestyle and also learn about the latest personalised approach to cancer treatment support called chemosensitivity testing which can gene sequence circulating cancer cells and expose them to chemo drugs and nutrients to gauge likely effectiveness.

The information in this webinar is perfect for those who do not wish to be the one in three who have a diagnosis of cancer in their lives and essential for those who are.

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