7 Essentials for 100% Health, London

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Find out how to radically improve your health and prevent disease in this highly informative and motivating one day workshop with leading health and nutrition expert Patrick Holford.

He'll be showing you exactly what to eat and how to devise delicious and easy recipes and daily menus that make you feel great and stop you from gaining weight; which supplements to take specifically for you: and simple lifestyle changes that will add life to your years and years to your life. You leave with your own personalised health plan and the tools to be successful.

“A year ago I had no energy, I was stressed and living off coffee. I’ve lost 3 stone, I have huge amounts of energy. Thank you Patrick for changing my life.”– Sam

“I used to be overweight and have diabetes. I’ve lost 6 stone and my blood sugar scores are now completely in the healthy range. I feel fantastic.”– Wendy


Schedule for the 7 Essentials of 100% Health Workshop

0900 Principles of 100% Health and Optimum Nutrition
0945         How to balance blood sugar, control your weight and prevent diabetes
1115 BREAK (plus snacks)
1135 Essential fats, methylation and say no to heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol
1230 How to improve digestion and resolve food allergies
1315 Lunch
1415  How to reduce pain and inflammation
1430 Improve your memory, mood, sleep and stress
1500 Balance your hormones
1520 BREAK (plus snacks)
1540 Boost your immune system and say no to cancer
1600 Build your personal 100% Health Programme
1700 Questions and personal help
1730 END