Chemistry of Connection

The Dalai Lama once said that all people have two fundamental desires: to be happy and to be free of pain. I propose that happiness is what happens when we connect with something, someone or ourselves.

The Chemistry of Connection explores elemental, chemical, psychological, social, philosophical, ecological, sexual and spiritual avenues in the search for a deeper understanding and experience of connection for a more fulfilling life.

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Find out how CONNECTED you are

You can find out how connected you are with my online Connection Quiz which shows you in which aspects you are strongest and weakest. The five keys are:

1. Sexual, sensual and erotic connection – expressing yourself as a sexual and sensual being, in touch with your own enthusiasm for life, true to your longings and desires, enjoying the pleasures of the senses.

2. Body and Earth connection – being in touch with, respecting and nurturing your body with good nutrition and energy-generating exercise, and respecting and protecting the Earth through conscious living.

3. Social and self connection – being in touch with your heart, your love and deepest feelings and reaching out in your social group, society, humanity and animals as sentient beings to make this world a better place.

4. Intellectual connection – having clear thoughts, beyond fears, limiting beliefs and limitations, openly enquiring and questioning and learning and tapping into the wisdom of the intellect, the source of insights and the illumination beyond the thinking mind.

5. Spiritual connection – being in touch with the field of being, the consciousness in which everything is happening, your pure awareness, the all-pervasive benevolent intelligence that is your essential nature.

All of these, working together, make a sixth, the ultimate experience of living in a state of connection.

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