"Within 4 days I felt much clearer" – Diane A

I started the Holford Diet four weeks ago. My starting weight was 16 stone 9.5lbs.

I followed it to the letter, eating no more than 40 GLs by following the menus. I took a multivitamin, extra chromium, 5-HTP and HCA. I’m also using a walking machine 20 minutes five days a week at the gym, and also swimming 5 days a week. I quit all alcohol, caffeine, wheat and most dairy. Within 4 days I felt much clearer and more alert, without the fuzziness that I’d lived with for years. Then I started feeling more flexible. By the second week I was sleeping much better. I’m more optimistic, my mood is better and my energy is loads better. I have no desire to give up, which is what’s happened in the past. I rarely get hungry. I’ve lost 12 pounds (and one inch from each of my “vital measurements”) in four weeks. My husband has also started, but not so strictly, and has lost 8 pounds in three weeks. I have tried many diets in the past but none have been so successful and easy to stick to as this. I would recommend the Holford Diet to everyone.