"Weight Loss 11lb (in 8 weeks)" – Vanessa R

I have always lost weight quite quickly on previous programmes but it always crept back on.

I feel like my mindset has changed with the Holford GL diet and that it has made me realise that the changes I make need to be life long changes. As well as losing weight I have seen a definite improvement in my mood - now my kids have their fun and happy mum back. Being organised, planning and preparing weekly meals has and is still my biggest challenge. I found it quite easy to give up the stimulants (I’m still working on giving up chocolate though). I have enjoyed trying and discovering new and alternative products. Overall my skin seems clearer, my eyes brighter and I definitely feel more calm and in control of my moods. This has been the kick up the behind I needed to change my life and my future. Weight Loss 11lb (in 8 weeks).