"She twice had to be hospitalised because of asthma attacks" – Anastasia W

THREE-YEAR-OLD Anastasia’s childhood was being spoilt by the double whammy of eczema and asthma.

She twice had to be hospitalised because of asthma attacks, and she was prescribed steroid creams to keep the itchy eczema on her arms and legs under control. " But the little girl has made a remarkable recovery since a laboratory test revealed she was intolerant of dairy products, eggs and wheat, and her mother removed these foods from her diet. Following the dietary changes, Anastasia has enjoyed being free of asthma attacks and emergency visits to the hospital. The eczema also disappeared within a month or so of the new diet, although it partially returned after wheat was deliberately re-introduced to her food to test her reaction. Three and a half years on, Anastasia is still symptom-free. Wheat was reintroduced after one year with no return of symptoms.