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“Food is Better Medicine than Drugs is packed with useful and original information for patients with various long term diseases or those who are simply seeking to live a healthier life. It is extremely practical, a crusade against ignorance, and enables patients to remove their straightjackets and take a new approach to improving health. ”
Dr Michael Dixon, Chairman of the NHS Alliance.

“?There have been many dramatic changes in our views about healthcare and Patrick Holford has been right at the forefront. The road to bad medicine and bad health is built on the foundation of dogma. It is refreshing to have this dogma subjected to fresh examination. ”
Dr John Marks, Life Fellow and former Director of Medical Studies, University of Cambridge

“I am dazzled by the breadth of nutritional knowledge in this book (Optimum Nutrition Bible). Patrick Holford has absorbed a tremendous mass of disconnected data and put it together in a simple way that makes immediate sense for the rest of us. The organisation of the material is superb. Areas of complexity and confusion in nutrition are explained in clear, concise terms, understandable by all.”
Dr John Lee MD, author of What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You about the Menopause