"The results showed an intolerance to dairy products" – Alison S

37 year old Alison from Manchester suffered increasingly severe headaches and migraines for ten years.

Often the headaches would be accompanied by sickness and flashing lights, and she would have to retreat into a darkened room to rest for a day and two nights. She also suffered from a ‘fuzzy’ head and felt very lethargic. Since doctors could not offer a solution other than painkillers to help ease the headache pain, she took a Yorktest Food Allergy test. The results showed an intolerance to dairy products, yeast, seafood and nuts. Within a couple of days of cutting these foods out of her diet, she began to feel better. Her head felt clearer, her energy levels improved and her symptoms of sinusitis and rheumatoid arthritis also eased considerably. Her migraines reduced dramatically in frequency. Alison was recently reminded of the vital importance of sticking to her diet when she ate half a cheese sandwich. "By the end of the afternoon, I could feel a headache coming on," she said. "It was bad the next day and only eased off the day after that."