"The Optimum Nutrition Bible changed my life." – Chris B

Here's my journey from what I considered to be good health to what I consider now to be approaching super health.

I am so impressed with the results I have achieved that I'm going to start training at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition to be a nutritional therapist. Here's a list of my main problems before reading The Optimum Nutrition Bible. They weren't specific enough to prompt a visit to the GP, and sadly I thought that this is just how life is as you start to age (I was 29, now I'm a much more energetic 32). I thought my diet was good and that I was fit. My symptoms included energy slumps throughout day, anxiety, difficulty waking up and going to sleep, night sweats and poor concentration. I also craved sugar, especially after exercise, and in fact only felt alive after exercise or beer. A friend recommended the Optimum Nutrition Bible: a real turning point in my life. I have gradually changed my diet so that it is now very high in fruit and veg, and low in meat and saturated fats. I take the supplements recommended in the book, including Essential Fats and I feel more centred, calm, in control, energetic and happy than I can ever remember. The Optimum Nutrition Bible changed my life. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.