"Patrick, you have given me my life back!" – Roxanne B

In June 2006 I trained for the Comrades Marathon held in South Africa, but just ‘participated’ in the race as despite all my training (I ran 10 kilometres every morning before work) I was gaining weight.

Fed up I spoke to my homeopath who suggested I get your book, the Low GL diet. Patrick, you have given me my life back! I stuck to the 40GL per day, cut out sugar, eating nuts, seeds, legumes and the weight just dropped off like MAGIC. Everyday, I feel on top of the world. My energy levels have increased ten-fold. My running has taken on a new dimension with my times improving everyday. I cannot wait for the 2007 Comrades Marathon to really gauge my new found stamina, and guess what, it is such an easy and enjoyable eating plan to follow. Even when I cheat occasionally on weekends it has no effect on my weight. I am so thrilled I have never felt so alive. I JUST LOVE LIFE now and there is no turning back!