"Optimum Nutrition for the Mind - Everything you need to know is in this book." – Lee S

I would just like to pay my compliments to Patrick Holford on his book Optimium Nutrition for the Mind. Everything you need to know is in this book.

I am 26 years old living in Ireland and I have suffered with anxiety, depression and panic attacks since my teens and have used drugs to stop it but it got worse. I have been on dozens of meds over the years and I know of the side effects they can cause. The reason I am extremely overwhelmed with this book is not only learning about nutrition to remedy all mental problems but also I am into bodybuilding and all the mags and books I’ve read don’t define exactly what I need to know. Basically everything is scattered, but not in this book, everything and more has been included. All the questions I had have been answered so I have killed two birds with one stone. It is definitely a recommended read for anybody. Again the work and research put into the book is a credit to Patrick and those involved. If only all GP's had this approach or a more open mind about the subject I think all of us would be leading better lives naturally instead of synthetic medications that may be doing us more harm than good. Keep up the good work.