"Not only are the recipes fabulously tasty, they are quick and easy to prepare." – Asa N

I have suffered from low blood sugar, mood swings and serious sugar cravings most of my adult life, so for me the main aim of wanting to try the GL program was not to lose weight, but to gain some control of my life.

And the results have been fantastic! I have followed the GL program for nearly two months now and not only are the recipes fabulously tasty, they are also remarkably quick and easy to prepare. And my cravings have more or less gone (even in the days leading up to my period!). I really enjoy planning the meals a few days in advance and by now I have been through most of the recipes, including the cakes, which are fabulous (I do always make sure I have a supply of xylitol at home). I have also lost about 5 lbs, and feel much more energetic than I have in ages.