"None of us have eaten any chocolate or sweets." – Linda B

My whole family started the Holford Diet on September 1st. When we first started I thought it would be difficult.

The thought of cooking three meals a day with all these new foods was daunting. But it’s been so easy. We used to be total chocoholics, eating sweets and chocolate every day. None of us have eaten any chocolate or sweets. It’s a miracle. We’ve had no cravings. I would never have believed this is possible. It’s quite unbelievable. My daughter, who loses weight very slowly has lost between 5 and 6 kg, I’ve lost 7.5 kg; my husband has lost 8 kg and my son, who is not so overweight, has lost 5 kg all in the last six weeks. The other thing is the energy. I was permanently tired. (I am diabetic.) I could have spent the whole day in bed. Now my energy level is incredible. We are all feeling great.