"I stumbled across Optimum Nutrition for the Mind" – Julie C

About 3 years ago I was experiencing something that went way beyond what could be described as absentmindedness.

At first it was mildly amusing to my friends and family and I became known as being a little "scatty". But I started having to walk the car park to find where I had left the car or finding tea bags in the soap dispenser of the washing machine, not to mention becoming incredibly distressed when taken outside my usual routine. I also realised that I was starting to find ways around my confusion and memory loss. I was also fully aware that at times I would use totally the wrong word in the middle of a sentence. I went to my GP despite feeling a little foolish I confessed my fears of Alzheimer’s or something similar. He did several tests and took blood which to my knowledge showed up nothing much other than an under active thyroid. He suggested that multi vitamin and mineral deficiency could produce the symptoms I was experiencing and although I had not mentioned it before, I stopped eating meat about six months earlier and had not replaced it with an alternative source of protein. On browsing a book shop I stumbled across Optimum Nutrition for the Mind and was more amazed with each turn of the page. After following the Holford diet and advice in the books my husband and close friends are absolutely astonished at the difference. I cannot thank Patrick enough - I don’t remember ever feeling so alive.