"I have lost 5lbs in weight, and 6 inches, overall." – Alan D

I have over the last two weeks been using your Low-GL Diet book. I can't believe what a change it has made.

I have lost 5lbs in weight, and 6 inches, overall. I have more energy, don't get so tired, don't feel bloated any more and have lost my sweet tooth cravings all in two weeks. What more is there to come? The recipes are terrific, so tasty and the best thing is you can eat so much on the diet that you don't feel hungry at all. In fact I don't think it should be called a diet but a way of life. I intend to carry on with this. Thank you so much for being so caring and giving us such a wonderful book. Joan S, Kent
I’m 57 years old, 5ft 6 and weighed 16 stone last November. I was frightened to death at the rate I was gaining weight. I felt weary and demotivated. I followed your diet and did more exercise (walking 30 minutes a day, and swimming once a week) for 2 and half months and lost 3 stone. Now I am maintaining it relatively easily. I feel loads better – more energy, more stamina, more creativity. I feel like I used to feel 10 years ago.