"I did not feel hungry and I did not crave any foods" – Tony S

As a result of health problems 8 months before I started the programme, I had been advised by my doctor to lose about 28 lbs in weight.

I had managed to lose 12 lbs over the first 5 months by being stricter with my diet and through increased exercise. However, I found that despite cutting down on food (and still feeling hungry) and although I was increasing/sustaining exercise I had reached a plateau and was unable to lose any more weight. The Holford programme has enabled me to lose virtually all the remaining weight in only 8 weeks with little change to my diet and eating habits, and no change to my exercise routine. An added benefit was that I did not feel hungry and I did not crave any foods over the 8 week programme. I am now sustaining my weight by moving into the maintenance phase. Overall my health is better, I have more energy and I have achieved more than my target weight loss. I have also seen an improvement in my cholesterol, homocysteine and blood sugar levels and as a consequence I have been fully discharged by my hospital consultant. Weight Loss: 17.5lbs (in 8 weeks).