"Superb changes to nutrition and long may it continue!" – Helen E

Buying your books is the single most important thing I have ever done for myself!

Diagnosed with endometriosis and health wise at an extremely low ebb in 1999, I made a decision to take my healthcare into my own hands. My GP and others were unable to offer any help to repair my immune system... they just didn't have the tools in their bag. After much reading, much re-learning about foodstuffs, and much hard work, my health is better than it's ever been, and my endometriosis is no more! I now share this knowledge with other sufferers, to get them to find their optimum health! I can't thank Patrick and ION enough, and I shall continue to shout about this, so that people know that their health is in their own hands! There isn't enough education about nutrition - we're led to believe that the foods on the supermarket shelves are 'good' for us, because if they weren't, the shops wouldn't be allowed to sell it. Poppycock! ION has driven through and encouraged some superb changes to nutrition and long may it continue! Thank you once again!