"2 years on she is still free of symptoms." – Elaine S

For more than a decade, Elaine’s life was blighted by headaches, sinus problems, bloating, nausea and a lack of energy.

Medication made her feel no better, and her doctor told her she simply had irritable bowel syndrome and would just have to live with it. A Yorktest Food Allergy test revealed that she had an intolerance of egg, yeast, milk, wheat and corn so she cut them out of her diet. Elaine is in no doubt that the diet changes have transformed her life. "Before, I was seriously worried that I had some kind of awful disease that the GP hadn’t discovered," she said. "It affected my work and leisure time. I didn’t like going out. If I did I’d feel dizzy. I was exhausted!“ After about 3 days on the new diet, she started to feel better and 2 years on she is still free of symptoms.