Psychocalisthenics: Oscar Ichazo's Vital Energy Exercise

Book: Psychocalisthenics: Oscar Ichazo's Vital Energy Exercise

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The P-Cals™, Psychocalisthenics® book contains the following: Preface, Introduction explaining the five anatomical cavities, Awakening the Kath material, Diakath Breathing, General information section, and then the exercise figures, beautifully redrawn, making an easy reference for learning or reviewing the exercises. Each exercise is presented with easy-to-follow instructions and a figure showing the foot-widths, and another figure showing the cavity and its color. It is a publication that provides a most clear and concise presentation of the entire series of exercises in a format that makes it easy to learn and reference the material.

Kath, Diakath Breathing and P-Cals are trademarks, and Psychocalisthenics is a registered trademark of Oscar Ichazo in the United States of America.

In this book

23 breathing-with-movement exercises to promote vital energy through the WHOLE BODY.

Psychocalisthenics® (PCals) can be done easily at home, needs little space and no equipment, with extraordinary results in terms of vitality, flexibility and well-being and they’re fun to do.


  • Anti-aging
  • Mental Clarity
  • Emotional Balance
  • Expanded Happiness
  • Increased Agility