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Book: Hara by Ashnandoah

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The Hara, in Zen Buddhism, is the energy centre below the navel. Iit corresponds to the t’antien in Taoism (sometimes written as dantien - in Taoism there are actually three tan t’iens – upper, middle and lower – also corresponding to the head, heart and belly). In the Peruvian Quechuan tradition, it is the cusco, literally meaning the navel stone . It is often depicted as yellow/orange and associated with vitality and life force and ‘gut’ instinct and represents our core and centre of balance. The Ggreeks related it to the element earth. There is no direct equivalent in the Hindu chakra system.

This illustration forms part of a series of five energy chakras which can be purchased individually, or as a scroll.

Illustration dimensions - 140mm x 140mm