The 5 Day Diet

Book: The 5 Day Diet

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The key is to trigger a self-repair process, called autophagy, which renews and rejuvenates your cells, reboots your metabolism and detoxifies your body. I explained this process in The Hybrid Diet (published 2019).

My new book - The 5 Day Diet – covers not just the science, but specific foods and nutrients which are all built into the Diet to trigger autophagy. Conventional keto diets are not good for this because meat and milk shut autophagy down. I provide practical help so you can do the diet easily: daily meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and exercises – all you have to do is follow it.

It’s a great way to lose weight, gain energy and transform your health and teaches you how to kickstart ketosis in 24 hours without ‘keto flu’. 

Whether you are after a quick fix with lasting results or looking to improve overall wellbeing, The 5 Day Diet is a springboard to better health.