South Africans stampede for Ten Secrets

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Patrick’s new book Ten Secrets of 100% Healthy People is selling like hotcakes in South African, where it was launched pre-Christmas. In South Africa’s biggest bookshop chain, Exclusive Books, it’s in the top ten selling books for Christmas. Following appearances on three of South Africa’s top TV shows – Noeleen’s 3-Talk, All Access and Cigare, as well the top two radio shows 702 and Cape Talk, bookshops can’t get enough. “Customers are loving the book and as a result are buying multiple copies to give away as presents. They say it makes so much sense, is easy to understand, and best of all tells you how to feel better while saving money (on health bills!)” says Janine O’Connor of Books & Books in Durban. The book is launched in the UK in January and available for pre order now.