Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

  • 4 Aug 2017
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High blood pressure (BP) is one of the top risk factors for heart
disease and stroke. It has been linked with 50% of coronary artery
disease, 75% of strokes and kills over 110,000 people in England every
year. It’s an essential part of every health check and while doctors
know that exercise combined with a low GL, Mediterranean style diet rich
in fruit and vegetables can bring it down, the general view is that
such a regime is hard to stick to, so if your level is up, the chances
are you will be offered drugs.
Drugs will bring it down by an average of 5.5mmHG diastolic but at a
cost. They all come with a fairly nasty number of side effects, which is
why many people don’t stick to them either; these range from short term
ones like fatigue, muscle weakness and depression to long term illness
including heart disease and a pre-diabetic state with high levels of
insulin and blood sugar. The drugs come in four main types and their
mechanisms range from relaxing the muscles of the blood vessel walls to
making you pee more. The latest trend is to market a combination of two
different types in one, with the promise of even more effective
lowering. There are, however, four naturally remedies that work as well
as drugs - magnesium, vitamin C, a low GL diet and beetroot juice. Sun
exposure, exercise and Heartmath's simple exercise are also extremely

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