Come to my 7 hour Total Health Transformation next week

  • 23 Sep 2014
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The single most important way to jump your level of health and solve your health problems is to change the way you think. I am not talking about positive thinking. I am talking about truly understanding what is driving your health problems and how to put them in reverse.

I am going to show you how next Saturday 4th October in my one day Good Medicine Workshop. Of course, you will find out about many solutions for many health problems. In fact, I will not let you leave without your own concrete plan of action.

But the real gold is that you will leave with a different way of thinking about health so you will be able to see, not only how you got to where you are but how to get to where you want to be in terms of health and energy.

I am delighted to see the workshop is almost full but if you are struggling with health issues or want to learn how to prevent them as you age please sign up today for the last few remaining places.

We picked a venue in Hammersmith next to my favourite vegetarian restaurant in London to put the principles into action over the lunch break too.

I look forward to seeing you for a health transforming day.