Ask Patrick - January

  • 1 Jan 2019
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Every month I answer your questions on the topic of the month. January 2019 was weight loss and energy.

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions. I hope these answers are helpful.

Q: My question is why women that are over 50 don't have such a great time losing weight? My boss (she is 53) went on a gluten-free, diary-free, sugar free diet for a month and lost...nothing. If I were to do the same thing (I'm 30) my results would look different.


A: Hi Selena – I don't get that feedback on my low GL diet in women over 50. Have you tried it, eating 45 GLs a day as per the instructions in the book(s) – Low GL Diet Bible and Low GL Diet Cookbook? It’s always possible something else, such as an underactive thyroid, could make weight loss difficult, but that’s all covered in the Low GL Diet Bible. Just avoiding sugar isn’t necessarily a low GL diet and man gluten-free foods are very high GL.

Q: As one of thousands of women (and men) who are hypothyroid I have struggled to both lose weight and maintain weight loss however small. Along with that we suffer with low energy as our metabolism is slow despite medication (for some) it is never the same as before it breaks!

As you are probably aware when our thyroid doesn’t work properly our adrenal gland tries to help often resulting in that becoming dysfunctional too.  A no win situation. I’m aware of your books and you advocate a low GL diet for weight loss but I’ve found I need extra help and function better with low carbs and no wheat. Can you suggest an optimum diet for those of us in this boat please? 


A: Firstly, following my low GL diet is the best thing you can do for an underactive thyroid.
Also take 2 x Awake Food Formula am before breakfast, and 2 pm before lunch. (helps thyroxine production). Make sure you are exercising as this stimulates thyroid function. Also take one of my packs, aka Optimum Nutrition Pack or 100% health Pack, which is best given you’re over 50. Vitamin C also helps improve thyroid function.

Many people with an underactive thyroid test positive to anti-thyroid antibodies, which means there’s an ‘auto-immune’ component. In animals following a low carb, high fat diet helps this. Next month my Hybrid Diet book comes out which recommends switching from a low GL diet to a high fat ketogenic diet every few weeks. My recommendation would be to do the low gl diet for two weeks then switch to the high fat phase for two weeks. It’s all explained in the book. This should sort you out! You can also add GL Support (3 a day) to speed things up.

Q: I am a 52 year old woman. I used to be very fit and weight between 8.5 & 10stone. I am healthy and currently increasing my excercise by walking more and doing yoga to loosen stiffness. I have been trying to loose 2 stone for a good while and l am finding it really difficult. I find most or nearlly all diets are really directed at younger women who are not dealing with menopause.
What would you advise?


A: Following my low GL diet is the best thing you can do over 50 and going through menopause. Also keep exercising. 

Q:  I have lost a lot of muscle and definitely I am not trying to lose weight. I had my thyroid removed a year and a half ago, since then my energy is not as it used to be despite my very good diet. I take Levothyroxine every morning. if I want to replace this medication for something natural, I can't because I have to stop taking coffee. I only take one cup in the morning but if I don't take it my energy drops completely. I'm trying to lift some weights and practice tai chi twice a week. What do you suggest?


A: Sounds like your adrenal system is knackered. That dependence of caffeine is not good.
Here’s what to do:
1. Take 2 x Awake Food Formula am before breakfast, and 2 pm before lunch. (helps thyroid and adrenals)
2. One month only take 25mg DHEA – you’ll have to buy on line from the US.
3. Have get Up & Go with berries and oat or almond milk, plus chia seeds, in the morning. Or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on oat cakes or rye volkenbrot. Rest of the day follow my low GL diet recipes and principles.
4. After a week halve your coffee – half a cup.
5. Keep going with your exercise.
I’m assuming you take one of my packs, aka Optimum Nutrition Pack or 100% health Pack if you’re over 50.

Q: Now that we know how good intermittent fasting is, should we stop eating snacks during the day?


A: There are many roads to Rome and one, aka my low Gl diet, is all about preventing any big spikes or falls in blood sugar. In this context it is better to ‘eat little and often’ eg three 10GL main meals and 5 GL snacks.

We do not know what exactly triggers benefit from intermittent fasting. Those based on low cals – eg 5:2 – assume it’s the cals. It might not be that but rather then drop in insulin that you get on low cals. I’d bet on it being about insulin and thus, it would be better to have a day or two of even lower GL, aka 35GLs instead of 45GLs. That’s what I propose in my book Burn Fat Fast.

But then we hear of the benefit of fasting in triggering autophagy, the cellular repair clean up. We write about this in our Hybrid Diet book. It is looking like 18 hours of not eating might kickstart this process. Prof Walter Longo claims you can get the benefit of fasting for several days by have consecutive 5 days on low cals (about 700cals) but no carbs, eg ketogenic. We will be doing this on my June Hybrid Retreat. Remember, fasting is ketosis – your burn your body fat.

I’m currently experimenting with dinner at 7pm, a carb free Hybrid Latte in the morning with C8 oil, then a carb free lunch at 1pm, an afternoon snack then a low GL dinner at 7. This is 24 hours of no carbs.

One other potential lever for value of fasting is lowering IGF-1 levels. This can also be done by avoiding meat and dairy products. You have to read The Hybrid Diet is both clarifies and simplifies a complex unfolding understanding about our metabolism. (out on March 21st)

Q: How can I lose weight caused by antidepressants and antipsychotics.


Are you still on the drugs? It makes a difference to what I recommend. Either way he easiest way is my low GL diet. Sounds like you haven’t done this – 45 GLs a day – 3 x 10 GL main meals and 2 x 5GL snacks. You need to get the Low GL Diet Bible or Low GL Diet Made easy.
If not on antidepressants also take 3 x GL Support.
If on antidepressants take instead 1` Cinnachrome with breakfast and lunch.

Ultimately, if possible, you want to wean yourself off drugs, or stay on the lowest dose. Have you read Optimum Nutrition for the Mind? There’s lots in here to help you.

Q: Just a quick query, I have been following your low GL diet for a week now, I feel so much better however I don’t want to lose weight as I only Weigh 9 1/2 stone and I’m 5 ft 7 so well within the healthy weight range, I’m doing it for health reasons, but I Seem to be losing weight. Is it best to go straight on to the maintenance menus instead? 


A: Yes – aim for 13 GLs for a main meal not 10. Eg bigger carb portion. Glad you're enjoying it. Don’t limit fatty foods such as avocados, nuts etc.

Q: I've noticed when I've tried loosing weight before it didn't quite go to plan. I was on a calorie restricted diet and ate the amount of calories that they said I needed to eat to loose 1lb a week. I weighed myself everyday and some days I would loose a couple of pounds and other days I would put weight on, I only did this for about a week but was just wondering why my weight fluctuates up and down. Can you help at all?


A: Calorie controlled diets are the hardest way to lose weight. It ignores the critical factor that determines weight, and that is the GL of what you’re eating, which driving down insulin. Too much insulin, raised by high GL meals, stores fat. So the days you fail to lose you will find you have been eating high GL foods, even though low calories – (either that or you have a food intolerance and ate a food you are inadvertently intolerant to.) The easiest is my low GL diet. Sounds like you haven’t done this – 45 GLs a day – 3 x 10 GL main meals and 2 x 5GL snacks. You need to get the Low GL Diet Bible or Low GL Diet Made easy.