Ask Patrick, April - The Hybrid Diet

  • 10 Apr 2019
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Every month I answer your questions on the topic of the month. April 2019 was The Hybrid Diet.

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions. I hope these answers are helpful. You can also visit Reports & Blogs section for more information. 


Question: I have been following the hybrid diet for over a week now, I am very interested in nutrition and wanted to try it to see how I felt from doing it. I didn't intended for there to be any weight loss as the book states, but just to get past the keto flu part and start to feel a little more level. I in fact have had the opposite of weight loss, i have gained 3 pounds just in the first week. I'm 5,4 and was 8 stone 3 at the start of the diet, I am now 8 stone 6/7 this morning. I have tracked my fat/protein/carb ratio and have stuck to what the book says. I wondered if for some people weight gain is something associated with a ketogenic diet? Annabelle

Answer: By the sound of it you’ve started with the High Fat Phase. Most people do lose weight on this phase but what we are hearing is some people lose more weight on the low GL phase and some on high fat phase. I suggest you try the slow carb phase and see how that works for you. One possibility it that you are eating too much in the high fat phase. You could try an 18 hour carb fast – eg dinner at 6 or 7pm, hybrid latte in the morning, then lunch at 12 or 1pm.


Question: When you are on the high fat phase for the first time, how long does it take to get over the initial Hunger stage. In other words how long does it take for the body to get use to the diet? Katerina

Answer: This varies between 3 and 5 days first time you do it. Once fat adapted, between 24 and 48 hours.


Question: I have purchased several of your books in the past and found them very informative and easy to follow. For the present I Would like to know what calorie deficit You recommend for the fasting week and the keto week in your new diet. Silloo

Answer: Well, it depends what you are trying to achieve. In valter Longo’s Fasting Mimicking diet, which is aimed at switching on autophagy, we give 100 cals on day 1, and 800 cals on days 2-5. Our diet is less prescriptive and the loosest goal is simply to eat a week with max 15 GLs of carbs. So there is no calorie counting as such.


Question: Can u give me any ideas on foods that would help my fibromyalgia (on Hybrid Diet). Marie

Answer: I think most true fibromyalgia is due to a mitochondrial deficiency. Have you read my chapter on it in Say No to Arthirtis or the article on – here’s the link Also, there’s a section in my book Good Medicine if you have it. I’d always start with a homocysteine test ( do this – use my code PH50 for a £50 discount.) if you do suspect specific foods make you worse you may not have true fibromyalgia, but a food intolerance, in which case Yorktest’s Foodscan IgG food intolewrance is a good place to start.


Question: I note that my favourite Sligo bookstore Libre Books, O Connell St., Sligo, is stocking the new book, do hope there will be a signing evening in said store. Also hope to get to his information evening in Sligo. Very interested in his food/diet approach to food combination. Edel

Answer: Sorry, I’ve been and gone to Sligo! We had a seminar in the Sligo Wellness Centre a few weeks ago. I’m sorry you missed it.


Question: During the Low GL stage only, is it ok to have a desertspoon full of the MCT Oil in the morning and incorporate a Fast until lunchtime. I know it is supposed to put your body into Ketosis fat during the High Fat period however wasn't too sure what it would do during the Low GL period only? Suzanne

Answer: Yes, that’s fine. But C8 oil (Ketofast) is much better. Only 12% of the oil in MCT oil is C8 which is the one that makes ketones fast.


Question: Bought the book, fascinating, but so much information I don't know where to start.. Debbie

Answer: At the beginning! Take the time to learn that your body has two fuels. Then start the slow carb/low GL phase first for 3 weeks. When you’re used to eating less carbs then you can try the high fat phase for a week. You’ll suffer a bit for the first two days as your body adapts.


Question: Can you use omega 3 oils and MCT oil when you are on Satins. Peter

Answer: Yes, no contradiction there. Neither make your cholesterol go up.


Question: Is it ok to continue with Optimum nutrition programme while doing the Hybrid diet? I am trying to shed t least 14lbs but an finding it hard going. Catherine

Answer: Yes, that’s fine. The Hybrid diet phases are for fine-tuning. Some people lose more weight on the slow carb phase, others on the high fat phase. You just have to find what works for you.


Question: Please can you tell us when to switch to low carb diet after keto diet, then when to switch back? Should this be a lifestyle diet? Daniela

Answer: This is new territory so there isn’t a set rule, but I’d say start with 3 week slow carbs, then switch to high fat keto for one week, then switch back. 


Question: I bought your amazing book (Pat Kenny, Newstalk) and have been doing the high fat diet now for 18 days. Have lost 5-6lbs. I’m not hungry which is great. I bought all or most of the supplements myself before I realised I could get them all from your site!. Couldn’t get C8 oil tho so bought MCT (C8/C10). But since I started I have been getting really bad stomach cramps and pains. Kept me awake all night on Tuesday night...I went to GP thinking I had an ulcer but then I realised it was from the MCT oil. I realised that every time I take it I get cramps. I took it neat on Tuesday night rather than in a latte and that’s why it was so bad. Today I took a Nexium before the latte and cramps were only mild. And am fine this evening. I’m wondering is this common and would the pure C8 oil have less of an adverse effect? BTW my cholesterol is down to 5 for first time in years! Fiona

Answer: C8 is better, but you want to start with a teaspoon and build up to max 3 tablespoons. It should be better in the latté, together with otherv fats from the almond butter. Your bodsy will adapt quickly.


Question: How do you fit the diet around lots of exercise? I run to and from work 3 miles each way and race most weekends. Caroline

Answer: Easiest breakfast, also good for running, is Get Up & Go with Carboslow made with no carb almond milk and a handful of berries. This you can have in either phase. If you need more carbs have oat milk instead or add a higher GL fruit. Lunch and dinner –take your pick. In the High Fat Phase I eat a lot of avocadoes and taramasalata.. A quick evening meal is a salmon steak with a bag of coconut oil sautéed spinach, plus some pesto.


Question: Are you going to produce a cookbook for this Diet like for the low GL diet? The hybrid diet book is great but its a bit cumbersome trying to prop it up in the kitchen to make recipes. I am very excited about this diet – thank you for all you have done in producing it. Janet

Answered: It’s under discussion. Thanks for suggesting it. The Low GL Diet cookbook covers the slow carb phase.