Bev's Story

I've done the 5 Day Diet 3 times at home over the past year and have felt energised each time. This 4th time I did it on Patrick's retreat where I felt invigorated by the breadth and depth of the retreat itself.

The retreat has more than met my expectations. The sheer variety of factual knowledge, gentle wisdom, physical exercise, blissful meditations and outside walks communing with nature has totally charged my batteries. To any-one thinking of booking – just do it! You will leave rejuvenated and re-energised in mind, body and spirit. Confirmation and consolidation of decades of research and interest in health. The way Patrick transmits his wealth of knowledge and wisdom is both gripping and entertaining. He is not overly prescriptive and dogmatic in his approach which is part of his appeal.

The camaraderie of all like-minded souls on the retreat and Marcelle’s gentle guidance was also lovely. This time the diet was quite tough in terms of energy depletion and extreme hunger. All changed on day 6!