Ask Patrick: Weight Loss

  • 24 Feb 2016
  • Reading time 8 mins
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Weight Loss

Question: I stopped dieting on your GL diet before Christmas - I lost a few extra pounds due to stopping some medication at the same time - this means I am just 1lb under weight. I added extra GL in and have kept the weight the same this week. I still have 5GL that I could add in. Is the best way by adding more GL in or should I add in some extra meat,fish? How would someone put a few extra lbs back on? This is also important to remember if someone loses extra weight from a cough or being physically sick. Because I am 1lb underweight (minus that) is it ok to continue exercising? I don't need to lose anymore weight but I really enjoyed doing some aerobics in the evening and some interval training. The fatburners are good to give strength exercises. Should I keep doing these kind of exercises? It would be good to continue because I am a lot fitter.

Answer: Muscle is heavier than fat so keep doing the exercises. Just eat more in the same proportions eg a bigger ‘plate’ with one quarter protein, one quarter carbs and one half vegetables. Also, snack on seeds/nuts with fruit.

Question: Hi. Love your recipes but those in the Food GLorious Food book don't give GLs per portion! Where can I find these (esp Polenta Citrus Cake and Strawberry & Banana Cheesecake!) Thanks

Answer: Many foods just don't have a GI score, from which you can calculate the GL. You can guess using similar foods which do have a GI/GL score. We didn’t do the calculations for these recipes. If you have a recipe where the ingredients do have known GL scores (as in the inventory of foods in my GL counter) you can calculate the recipe’s GL score at I’ve done this roughly for the Polenta Citrus Cake. It comes out at about 8GLs per portion – good for maintenance, too much for weight loss.

Question: I would like to purchase the PH Get-up-and-Go Shake in SA. Dischem at Pavilion doesnt stock it. Please help, desperate!!!!

Answer: They do normally stock it. It was probably just out ......

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